Mid-September Newsletter

Year1Less than a month have passed since the studies began, but the student life is already as sparkling as ever. As the students return to their studying routines, the monthly newsletter from the Student Association is back as well.

This academic year started with 133 students starting their university career at SSE Riga as Year 1 students (or, shortly, Y1s).

Right before the first days of classes the Student Association traditionally organized the Newcomers Camp, where Y1s could meet their new classmates, as well as participate in various activities.

SSE Riga world is rich in various projects and events, so in order to give Y1s a complete picture of it, a student organizations fair took place on August 26th. Student organizations, from Investment Fund to PeakTime, prepared introductory presentations and offered to apply for the open associate positions.

The Student Association was pleased to announce the Student Material Storage during the first week of September. The project is called to preserve the student-created study material over years, as well as to simplify the exchange of study material between current students.

Finally, on 12-13th of September, the annual Summer Symposium took place attracting over 300 students and alumni to compete in various sports.

As the academic year goes forward, we will continue to keep you updated about the future events and major news from the Student Association.