Mid-November Newsletter

NovemberCoverNovember is already half-way through, and so the Student Association would like to report on the activities that took place since the mid-October.

On October 15th, a representative from Deloitte HR department visited the Student Association’s premises to give a practical seminar for the board members about personality assessment and cooperation in a heterogeneous work environment.

In about two weeks, another cooperation project with a prominent industry player took place. A representative from Bloomberg came to SSE Riga to talk during Bloomberg Seminar 2015 co-organized by the Student Association and Investment Fund.

Several weeks later, the Education Committee has launched Alumni-Student Mentoring Program 2015-2016. This program is an opportunity for students to gain advice on personal and career development decisions from people who have both SSE Riga and professional experience. It is a chance for every student to get a valuable insight into different industries and find support to the student initiatives.

InternshipExperienceSharing2015On October 26, students were sharing their memories and learning points from summer during Internship Sharing Experience organized by the Education Committee, which gathered a lot of students from Y1, Y2 and Y3.

At the end of October, the Student Association organized the traditional annual trip to the Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm — Boat Trip 2015 . This year, a record number of over 400 students participated in the unforgettable trip to the capital of Sweden.

On the weekend of November 7th-8th, alumni of SSE Riga from all over the world arrived to Riga to participate in Alumni Careers and reunite with their fellow graduates during the Home Coming Weekend of 2015.