Mid-March Newsletter


The middle of March has arrived and that can mean only one thing – the new Student Association has been working for 10 massive weeks. A
lot has happened in these few weeks.IMG_9730 copy

In the afternoon of January 25, Tea Time with Morten took place for the second time. We hope that this event happens next year and lives up to be a well-kept tradition.


DSC_9443 copyNot long after that – on January 30 – SSE Riga students put on their warm clothes and their big boots and headed to Cēsis for the annual Winter Symposium. Despite the weather conditions and the melting snow, the event turned out pretty well.


14th of February is known across the globe as Valentine’s day and indeed, the angel of love was working hard in the SSE Riga premises on February 12. Students and guests were treated to a performance of cabaret dancers, speed dating, a kissing contest, and much more. It was the latter one in which a lucky couple won a cruise from Tallink. By the way, the winning couple became victorious by kissing for 53 minutes straight.

People are much calmer at the end of February, so it called for more down-to-earth events. In the evening of February 26, a Movie Night and beer pong tournament was hosted in the school, gathering thirsty Year 1’s, as well as tired Year 2’s and 3’s for beer, entertainment, and pizzas.

IMG_7029Amidst it all we can’t forget all of the students studying Financial Economics. Supported by Red Bull and home-made brownies,
the students keep on pushing their limits to conquer the world of finance. We believe in you!