Mid-June Newsletter


As this semester is coming to a close it’s about time to reflect on events that have taken place since March.

Back on March 24 the Student Association took over Just bar in the old town to properly say goodbye to the board of 2015 and welcome the board of 2016. The takeover happened in, well, the Takeover party, which started the Easter holidays and gave an opportunity for tired students to finally enjoy themselves after Financial Economics.

Picture1On April 6 the Year 3 students that had freshly returned from their semester abroad shared their experiences in the Exchange Experience Sharing event. From accommodation to nightlife – the pros and cons of going on exchange were examined to prepare everyone for their exchanges.
The 8th of April was marked as a day full of opportunities and colours, as the Days of Opportunities 2016 career fair was taking place, which altogether gathered 35 companies and 9 universities. After an official part full of impressions and experiences, everyone was invited to the vivid and shiny Outer space party.

A few weeks later the Student Association joined forces with its counterparts from RGSL and RBS in the Big Cleanup to clean up one of Riga’s islands – Zaķusala.

On the 24th of April a football team of SSE Riga brought for our university a victory and won the first place among 13 Latvian universities!



The biggest sporting event in our schoolyear took place in spring to maximize attendance and improve the whole experience. So Picture3both the students and the alumni gathered in Mežrozes on May 21 for the Bottomline Summer Symposium. After an entire day of
sports and all types of different activities, Bottomline once again emerg
ed victorious showing just how powerful our alumni can be.

The 27th of May was the day when all students from SSE Riga, RGSL, and Riga Business School gathered together to relax after a week and celebrate the upcoming summer in Coyote Fly club. The event took place for the second year and hopefully will become a tradition!


Picture4On June 1 SSE Rigans gathered in the office of Ernst&Young for a networking event with the main our partner. Many discussions about the possible career opportunities, an exclusive office tour, and some delicious snacks were enjoyed. The lovely premises gave a refreshing experience in the hot days of early June.


Finally, the first weekend of June – the Graduation weekend – was one of the most exciting not only for Year 3 students but for the whole school. After an official ceremony at Riga Congress Hall on the 4th of June, all graduates were invited for a lunch with alumni, which was followed up by the biggest and the very last party this studying year in the Enchanted Forest. The next day, the uplifting mood was not allowed to fade away as everyone gathered for a relaxing Graduation Barbeque in the middle yard. To congratulate the Year 3 students and to elaborate on the established friendship and collaboration with the Student Association, the SASSE Picture5(Student Association of Stockholm School of Economics) came from Stockholm and joined our students at all weekend’s events.

There is still a week of studies left, after which students will be seen off for their internships and for some well-deserved rest. However, exciting events of the year are not over yet, and all students and alumni are invited for a Paintball competition on the 17th of June. Good luck for the parti
cipants and see everyone on August!