Mid-March Newsletter

By the end of March, the newly elected Student Association will have been working for almost 3 months. Thus many great and memorable activities happened during this quarter.

The opening event of the semester was the Exchange Experience Sharing event which happened in the end of January. Recently returned from their exchange semester, students from Year 3 shared their experience of living and studying in another country! Students not only gained practical knowledge but also enjoyed the snacks provided by Long Chips.

On the night of 17th of February, the celebration of two massive events took place. We are now talking about Valentine’s Day and Days of Opportunities. On the Game of Thrones themed Valentine’s Party, SSE Rigans participated in various activities: speed-dating, a raffle of Trompete and PanCars gift cards and many others. The mood for the party was set by the presence of Jägermeister people, a fully decorated lounge and great music provided by one of the best Latvian DJs – Alex-O.

At the same time, the toughest course of the study program, Financial Economics, has started. During these two months, the Student Association tried to help Year 2 students stay positive and focused in order for them to successfully finish the course. Home-made waffles, Karums curd snacks, meat pies, Redbulls and “SunCrisp” carrots were provided.

The successful introduction of AIESEC to the SSE Riga community took place on the 9th of March. Our students got an idea about the organization’s aim, values and the opportunities they offer, especially regarding summer internship opportunities.

The biggest project that the Student Association is currently working on is organizing a summer business school for students aged 11 to 17. A team of 16 SSE Riga students has been formed and is currently working on the general plan development and preparations for the camp.