Mid-June Newsletter

The study year will finish in less than a week, and thus it is a perfect time to recap all the events which happened in the last quarter.
On the last day of March, the Takeover party took place. It was time for students to properly welcome the Student Association board of 2017 and enjoy some time with the board of 2016. During the night, the El Diablo competition took place. The past and current board members were challenged to compete in doing extreme tasks. As Financial Economics ended, our friends from Year 2 could finally enjoy themselves and party hard with their fellow Y1s and Y3s!



The beginning of May was marked by the Chill Out Evening. Board games, live music, barbeque and many other things made this event relaxing and enjoyable.




Middle-May opened new possibilities for cooperation with SASSE. The Student Association 2017 visited Stockholm to get to know the Student Association of SSE better and discuss future projects and events.

On May 18, our beloved lecturer – Morten Hansen shared some insights from his life and answered all the questions students had. In a very cosy atmosphere with a cup of tea and some cookies in hands, students got to know Morten more.
The day after, Movie Night sponsored by Cēsu alus attracted many students to participate in a Beer pong tournament, as well as watch movies in the auditoriums.
On May 28, the most remarkable sporting event – Bottomline Summer Symposium 2017 – gathered teams of current students and alumni of our school to compete in several disciplines. At the end of the day, the winners were announced. The outstanding team of our alumni, KOMAnda, obtained a deserved victory.

At the end of May, international students were challenged to show off their knowledge about Latvian culture. Trivia Night gave much useful information about the country where we are all studying.

The first Saturday of June became an unforgettable day for recent graduates. Following the official ceremony at Riga Congress Hall, our Year 3 students were invited to join Alumni Cocktails, after that, they went to the last lecture. The current Student Association of SSE came to congratulate our students on the graduation. However, the most exciting part awaited them in the evening. The last party of the year immersed us in the atmosphere of Capone’s Chicago. Swedish House Latvia and Daudzi Citi performed live. The day after the party, the traditional Graduation BBQ took place.
However, the events are not over yet! On June 21st, all of the students and alumni are invited to the Paintball Tournament. Thus we wish best of luck to the participants!