Mid-October Newsletter

The traditional start of student life for the first-year students is the Newcomers’ camp, which happened on August 19 at Kliģi. Following good old traditions, students participated in team-building activities designed by the Student Association. Risk-loving participants adored the innovation – McCann AirBag Jumping. The evening and night were unforgettable, and they say that “this year’s NCC was the party of the year.”

Pub Tour took place after the first week of introductory courses at SSE Riga. On August 25, Year 1 students, as well as their compadres from Year 2 and Year 3, explored the variety of bars of Old Riga by completing exciting tasks. Not without reason, the motto of SSE Rigans is “study hard, party hard!”

The end of the harsh second week of school was brightened by the Event Committee which organized the Baptizing party. The music, outfits, and decorations brought us back to the times when our parents were young and partied all night long. All the students for sure loved the themed “back to the 90s” party.

The fourth of September became very practical for students since Kristaps Siliņš came to his alma mater to talk about his experience and the Strategy of No. Kristaps is one of the former Student Association’s presidents and an outstanding SSE Riga graduate that founded McCann and White Label, which have become very successful over the years. The lecture gave insights about decision making in the workplace, his path to success and much more!

Deloitte guest lecture happened on September 11. The Soros auditorium was full of bright minds who came to learn about what the S-curve is and how do companies survive and fail over time. Kristīne Jarve, a professional in this field, not only gave useful theoretical background but also brought real-life examples of how professional service firms such as Deloitte managed to stay afloat.

The first week of October was challenging for both SSE Riga and RBS athletes. The interschool Olympic Games consisted of 7 sports disciplines: Volleyball, Football, Floorball, Basketball, Swimming, Foosball and Rope Pulling. Even though the competition was intense, our fellow mates managed to win this championship.

On Black Friday, October 13, the Student Association organized the BeerPong Tournament sponsored by Cesu Alus. The students formed teams of four and participated in the tournament for a chance to win some amazing prizes offered by the event sponsors.