End-of-June Newsletter

The last half of the second semester brought with it typical deadlines for some, and life decisions for others. The SA tried to make sure that each and everyone could relax and enjoy student life to its best regardless. So let us remember the times that were so good, they should not be forgotten.


17 April Tea Time with Morten

Tea tastes better when enjoyed in good company. As more than 20 years worth of students show, there is no lecturer whose company they relish more than Morten’s. Therefore, on April 17th, the traditional Tea Time with Morten brought together students from all years, thirsty for some good old jokes, precious life advice and if lucky, the secret of success. The heart-warming conversation, paired with delightful tea from The Beginnings and sweets from Karameļu darbnīca made the event pass in a blink of an eye, leaving everyone craving for more.



20 April Takeover

On April 20, everyone attending the Takeover party travelled to the wonderland. Guests were welcomed by fantasy characters like Absolem and Mad Hatter, and entertained by the new Presidential Couple themselves later in the night. Their performance marked the official passing down of the SA craft from the Board of 2017 to the Board of 2018, and together with freebies from Wadex spiced up the atmosphere.


7 May LinkedIn Workshop

Approaching the end of the year, students got themselves dreaming about their dream internship or summer job. To make employers believe that SSE Riga students are their dream employees, a good place to start is polishing our LinkedIn profiles. This is why, the IT Committee invited Inga Sadurska and Polina Nazarova from Deloitte to share with students their pro tips and tricks to having an eye-catching profile, as well as make most of LinkedIn’s features to successfully grow a professional network.

11 May Sparkling Night by Italiana

On 11th of May, students were invited to chill at the Sparkling Night by Italiana. The good weather asked for some badminton, frisbee, board games and 60’s music. This was the perfect opportunity for students across years to catch-up with one another while enjoying the sparkling wine from Italiana, alongside goodies from RicBerry, Pupuchi and Mario. Quite a few said that it was their preferred event of the year, so here is to many more. Cheers!

2 June Bottomline Summer Symposium

June kicked off with another favorite, the Bottomline Summer Symposium. The event gathered students, alumni and Star Wars characters alike, who challenged each other in a variety of games such as football, volleyball, basketball and dodgeball. It seemed like 1 day of sports united SSE Rigans more than a year of university, with people cheering and supporting each other with all their hearts. The event culminated with the announcement of the best teams, and once again, KOMANDA has defended its champion title. We do have a lot to learn from the alumni, don’t we?


Also, we would like to thank our amazing sponsors, without whom Bottomline Summer Symposium 2018 wouldn’t have been possible: Cēsu Alus, Hipocredit, Ādaži gaļas nams, Zaķumuiža, Latvia, Sporta komplekss “333”, Sezona.lv, Isostar Latvija, Bee Bite, MILZU, Karavela / KAIJA, Red Bull, Unilever Careers, Playground, Brilles: Fielmann, Eat Natural Latvija, and our main sponsor, Bottomline!


9 June Graduation

The 9th of June has been the most awaited day of Y3s. The day when all their efforts are rewarded, and they can finally call themselves true SSE Rigans. After receiving their diploma at the official Graduation Ceremony, our fresh graduates attended their very last lecture, and later in the evening were united with their now counterparts at Cocktails with Alumni. The celebration peaked back at the university, where the Event Committee had thrown the biggest party of the year, with Swedish House Latvia and Daudzi Citi performing live, and Dj Nicky Miles keeping everyone crazy on the dance floor until the morning light. The likely headaches of the following day were ameliorated at the Graduation BBQ, with help from McCANN, who pulled over their food truck conveniently in front of the university, as well as many other refreshments and food from Borjomi, Ķekava, Danone, Dimdiņi, Rītausm, Vecapēni, RedBull and Valmiermuiža.



On June 11, students had the opportunity to put their knowledge to test once more by coming to the Trivia Night organised by the Education Committee. More than 15 teams participated, but only the best received the winning title and a €100 gift card from Taxify.


The year concluded with a visit from Zīļuks. Together with the children, students reminded themselves of their own childhood, having fun in the playground, going to the movies, making sand castles on the beach. The trip was sponsored by GanBei, Purpurs, Zvaigzne ABC, and left everyone feeling more appreciative of the dear people they have in their lives.