Mid-October Newsletter

Newcomer’s camp

It all did not begin with studies – taking place on August 18th at “Kraukļi”, the Newcomer’s camp by Green Cola was the first and most memorable event for many Year ones. The Student Association did their best to welcome the newcomers in a friendly atmosphere, but also hint at the many challenges that are coming their way by spicing up team building activities with some tricky tasks, some of them including large amounts of Hektors. Luckily, the energy levels of the newcomers and their compadres were kept high by RedBull and Isostar, as well as nibbles from Canelle, Kaija, Rītausma and Long Chips. The event was a definite success, everyone feeling like they were finally ready to hit the books.

Pub tour

Already during the first week of studies, first year students got to experience the real spirit of university life at SSE RIGA –  a combination of partying hard during the night, sleeping a little in the wee hours, getting to look fresh quickly and studying even harder in the early morning. Second and third year students helped their teams to explore the best bars in Riga, and leading by example, assured them that everything is manageable.


As the first half of the semester is mostly dedicated to first year students and their introduction student life, Baptizing is an event that is in essence almost as religious as it sounds. After surviving their first couple of weeks at SSE Riga, first year students deserved to be treated like Gods and Goddesses. The Event Committee inspired everyone to look like Greek deities, and made the outfits glow in the dark, which was enough of a motive for an obscene number of photos to be taken in the aesthetic photo corner and not only. Thanks to drinks from Italiana, everyone managed to relax and let go of worries and stress.

Internship experience sharing

Courtesy of the Education Committee, students had the unique opportunity to listen to the internship presentations of second year students. This event provided them with a better understanding of what they would, or would not like their own experience to be like, as well as showcased several companies in greater detail. Löfbergs Latvija ensured that students stay awake during the evening after a long day, by providing delicious coffee. All attendees received valuable advice about summer dos and don’ts, which will surely serve them well faster than it may seem right now.

Scavenger Hunt

On 4th of October, students in teams of four participated in the annual Scavenger Hunt, completing fun tasks while exploring the beautiful city of Riga. Among other creative challenges that the Education Committee came up with, participants had to honor the great things that Sweden has given to the world, by spelling IKEA with their bodies. It then becomes obvious that the fight for an 80 € gift card from Taxify was not an easy one. When exams are approaching and the late study sessions extend until the closing hour of the university, who doesn’t want to call a taxi?