December Newsletter

Days are getting darker, but with the intensive course schedule and, more importantly, all the glorious events taking place, SSE Rigans have had no time to notice that. What are the highlights of the past months that have flown by in a blink of an eye? 

Beer Pong 

A large amount of the delicious Brālis beer was consumed during the Beer Pong Tournament which took place on university premises. Students assessed their strengths in the party sport and competed for generous prizes from CoyoteFly and LaRocca. Those who came to watch the game could also enjoy a movie night in Soros or try out their abilities to navigate through virtual reality, thanks to Platforma VR and the IT Committee.

Olympic Games

In this year’s Olympic Games, SSER students showed that a strong mind leads to a strong body and won 7:0 against RBS in various sports disciplines. Eat Natural LatvijaRed Bull and Isostar Latvija made sure that athletes had enough strength and energy throughout the whole week.

Boat Trip

Some say that the Boat Trip is the highlight of the year at SSE Riga, and it is definitely hard to deny this presumption after this year’s. Following a wild night of dancing, partying and singing at the karaoke competition, where the most talented and brave singers of SSE Riga competed for the main prize from Trompete, students attended the Stockholm School of Economics and strolled down the beautiful streets of Stockholm. All in all, it was close to impossible to find a person who did not let go of worries during the Boat Trip of 2018.


On a rainy November morning, there is no one who enjoys free brunch more than students. A pleasant surprise delivered by the Business Committee full of fresh baked goods from Canelle Bakery, bread and crispies from Fazer, refreshing Super Viva ice cream, a morning dose of greens from Vecapēni, dairy from Trikātas Pienotava and Danone, and goods from Unilever awaited in the lobby. Löfbergs Latvija was there to help students get a head start on another productive day by providing coffee.

Alumni Careers

The strong bond between SSE Riga community and its alumni was once again proven at the Alumni Careers event. Education Committee worked hard to ensure that current students of SSE Riga get inspired by the alumni success stories. Thanks to Ahmad Tea, everyone enjoyed the evening in a warm and relaxing atmosphere while receiving advice from alumni, each of whom had unique experiences to share.


Luxurious suits and dresses, sparkling wine and decorations, astonishing music and inspiring people. The theme of masquerade ball at Homecoming brought about the elegant atmosphere throughout the whole night. Alumni got to relive their university parties, while current students got a glimpse of what is yet to be expected in the future.

Game night

Right before a long weekend, on November 16th, students had an opportunity to play video and board games, try out their strength in foosball and poker at the Game Night organized by the Education Committee. Redbull and Birzī ensured refreshing drinks while Long Chips provided snacks to munch on during the thrilling rounds of various games.  

Christmas Ball

With the Christmas Ball, first or another great semester at SSE Riga will be over. The event will be an opportunity to catch a breath after a long and demanding period by dancing to Pirmais Kurss, Us the 5, and Dj Alex-O, taking part in activities organized by the Event Committee, and congratulating the newly elected Student Association Board members. With Christmas holidays in sight, the event is to be full of warm greetings, laughter, and positive atmosphere.