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people-woman-coffee-meetingOur Student Association is supported by various sponsors, whom we are proud to call our partners. They know that current students at SSE Riga are the future analysts, managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs in various industries. By supporting the Student Association they contribute to the development of not only the students, but the whole Baltic region as well.

We never forget those who support us and always look out to boldly state that we are proud of our partners. We use a variety of approaches, including placing partners’ logos and names in our published material (such as printed posters, official magazine, social media posts), publicly announcing their support to each and every student, organizing events, where students can learn more about additional opportunities our partners have to offer; and much more. We ensure that any cooperation is mutually beneficial to both parties.

If you would like to know more about our proposal to the partners, please contact:

Lauris Zalva
+371 27099199
or Raivo Lismanis
Business Committee Chairperson
+371 26642373

Partners of the Student Association


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