Mentorship 2018

Education Committee provides two types of mentorship programs for students – “Buddy” system for Y1 students, and Alumni mentorship for all years.

“Buddy” system

It is a mentorship program between Y1s and Y2s. Each Y1 in the very beginning of the school year is assigned to a Y2 who has previously expressed the will to become a mentor for one or more Y1 students.

Y1 mentees and Y2 mentors must contact each other at least four times per year so that the mentor is informed how the mentee is doing academically and in his extracurricular activities, but the mentees are more than welcomed to contact the mentors whenever there is a need for that. Studying advice, tutoring, previous years’ notes, exclusive information about committees and organization – mentors’ duty is to help the Y1 students better adapt to the university life.

Each of the four meeting has a more specified time and topic to be covered during the meeting:

  1. In the end of August – the beginning of September: Introduction. The mentor tells the mentee more about the school itself and answers the endless questions about the study process in SSE Riga. It is advised to also talk more about the organizations and the Student Association to encourage the Y1s to apply to their favourite activities and enrich their SSE experience.
  2. In the beginning/middle of October – (potentially) first fails and the election process. As Y1s have recently received their first exam results, it is worth discussing their studying progress and providing advice on what to do if the results are not as great as expected. Moreover, the elections are approaching (usually the application process starts in the end of October); therefore, to provide the SA with several applications and good candidates, it is important that the Y1s are informed about the whole process – application letter, the campaign week, presentations in Soros, livestream, and debates. The mentors are responsible for popularizing the Students Association among the mentees.
  3. During winter – academic progress. This period does not necessarily require a meeting, but it is advisable that the mentor is informed about the academic progress of his mentees – whether everything is going well or maybe some advice or help is needed.
  4. April-May – the internships and end of the year. The mentors should share their internship experience to encourage them to start looking for their first internships. Promote the Days of Opportunities event to find the most suitable internship and different platforms to find internship. Also, as the end of the year is approaching, this is the summarizing meeting to sum up everything that has happened during the first year of studies.


Alumni mentorship

Every student who is applying for Alumni scholarship receives an Alumnum mentor for all three years of studies, thanks to the help of Alumni Association. Mentors’ feedback about the mentee creates 10% of the decision of how receives the scholarship in the end of the year; therefore, it is important to maintain good relations with the mentors. The mentors and mentees are matched by their working field and interests, so that the mentee is actually interested in the mentor’s experience.

The Alumni and their mentees must meet at least two times per year – in the first and in the second semester. The Alumni can share with the mentees their SSE and their work experience to inspire the mentees and help them find a great job after graduating from SSE Riga.

In the end of the school year, the mentors invite the mentees to an interview to decide which mentees should receive the scholarship. However, the decision is based also on the students’ grades and their social involvement points.


Should you have any further questions about Mentorship opportunities, please contact the Education Committee Chairperson.